How do You Find a Lost Snake?

Milwaukee snake

Snakes are fantastic escape artists; even the most experienced snake owners will have to deal with a missing snake at some point. If you have seen a snake in your yard and noticed that it disappeared, call the assistance of a snake removal expert, since they have the knowledge and skills to track this snake's whereabouts. Here are some things that you must do if there is a loose snake in your area.

Should I Panic If There is a Lost Snake in my House?
Staying relaxed may be easier said than done, especially if you know that a snake can be hiding somewhere in your house. However, freaking out may only make the matter worse. If it is your pet snake that is missing, you should also not worry too much. They can survive even after a week of being outside their terrarium. Nonetheless, they may still suffer from dehydration, cold, and the lack of humidity. If there are gaps and cracks in your structure, or your doors and windows are not properly sealed, there is a possibility that the snake can escape outside. The best thing you can do is provide your neighbor with a picture of your snake and give them a heads-up.

Do I Need to Secure My Regular Pets?
Your other free-roaming pets like birds, cats, and dogs are at risk if you have a lost snake in your house. You will need to keep them secured, especially your cat. You will need to keep them safe, particularly at night when the snake will be hunting its food. If you plan to set traps, it is also imperative to keep your pets and other non-targeted animals safe. Talk to the professional and ask them for advice on the best humane traps that you can use.

Should I Start Hunting the Lost Snake?
If it is a pet snake and you think that it has a docile nature, then you can probably start turning your house upside down. However, if it is a wild snake, never actively hunt the creature. Let us remind you that accidental snakebites are due to people who will mishandle them and try to capture them. When looking for your pet snake, start your search from the possible hiding spot of the snakes. Usually, they will not be far from their original location since it provides them safety and security. You can find them in the piles of clutter or the corners of the room. Search your place one room at a time. After completing your search in one room, make sure to seal it properly before moving to the next room.

Most of the snakes are diurnal creatures and will be active at night. It will be best to start your search during this time. If there are areas beyond your reach, you can use a selfie stick and take a picture around the site. It will also be a perfect opportunity for you to clean your house thoroughly. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Milwaukee